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Questions and answers on private enforcement agencies

Question and Answer on Private Agencies

From the mailbag… ask a child support question…

Here’s our latest question we received… and we get this question all the time… QUESTION: My Ex works for cash …. can I still collect child support? In the course of an average week at Support Collectors, the Client Service Department hears this question from our prospective clients hundreds of times. The answer is why […]

When do I get my child support after you’ve collected it?

QUESTION: Hi Support Collectors, I have a couple of questions. I was reading the contract and it said that you will send me payment with in 15 days of receiving money and then it says that you may hold payments to me depending on the size of the payments you receive and it could take […]

parent asks… can I collect child support with just an oral agreement?

My question is regarding an adult child whose father only paid child support for 4 years, from the age of 14 to 18, being $250 per month. This was an oral agreement so there was never any court involvement. Her father is listed on her birth certificate. Is it possible to sue for child support […]

Question from a custodial dad… “do I have to close my state CSE case before hiring your private child support collection agency”?

Single dad’s question… hi… I live in the State of Missouri and the government child support enforcement agency here is attempting to collect from my ex-wife, a deadbeat mom. Would I need to give up that option in order to hire your services? (i.e. close my state in order for me to utilize your services? […]

how to fund college College Funding for Children of Divorce

Child support and who should pay for college expenses is an age old question. In a recent study that look at parent assistance for college expenses, 29% of divorced parents assisted with college costs verses 89% of intact families. Something else to consider when looking at this information is that individuals with college educations earn […]

question… can you collect child support from someone who works for cash…

This is a question we get a lot… our answer… maybe yes and maybe no. It all depends. Private agencies such as us look for income and assets to try to attach to. Since you already know with some certainty that the NCP works for cash, our option would be to try and locate him […]

Having Trouble Collecting Child Support? Get Help Today!

We understand that raising a child is challenging. It is highly rewarding, but it is also one of the toughest jobs known to man or woman. A recent study stated that “For just over a third of children, the two-parent family into which they were born will have broken apart by the time they are […]

Don’t Let Unpaid Child Support Affect Your Life

There are not many things that are more disruptive than divorce. The only thing that makes it worse is when children are involved. In addition to the emotional stress that is almost always present during this type of situation, it is often compounded by the fact that one parent gets custody of the children and […]

Don’t Give Up Hope! A Child Support Enforcement Agency Can Help!

When you are owed money for child support, it is a pain staking process trying to collect. Some people give up, but the debt never goes away. Even if the debt is 10 years old, there is still a judgment, and collection activity can resume at any time. What many single parents don’t know is […]