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Support Collectors collects a record $342,677.00 in unpaid family support (alimony)

Making a difference one family at a time, one payment at a time is the definition of success and not just our tagline. After a seven year involvement with one of our California clients, we are nearing the end of our relationship. Why you may ask? Because we are expecting the final $18,000 payment of […]

Another success story… client’s child support finally paid in full!

Here’s the email we just received… From: Isabella H. [] Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2014 9:17 AM To: Subject: Re: Your account with SCI! Thank you Support Collectors!! You were able to obtain all of the money from this deadbeat dad without much work on my part at all. I really don’t know how […]

Success story… $55,000 in back child support collected in one lump sum

Just in time for the holidays, Support Collectors secured yet another large lump sum payment… $55,000 to be exact… for a very happy client. Here’s an excerpt of the letter we received: “I would like to sincerely thank the people at Support Collectors for all their help over the years, especially Toni Olson and Jim […]

States are finally realizing that private child support collection are part of the answer

Various states are finally realizing that the government “CSE” offices can’t do it alone. The size of the problem of unpaid child support is enormous and growing… check out the news story below which talks about states turning to private child support agencies such as ours to solve the problem of collecting unpaid child support […]

$45,000 child support lump sum collected for a California mother

February 18, 2014 Congrats to Ranee a client who just received $45,000 in back child support! Here in her own words is her story… glad we could help you collect your support! xxx Last spring I was talking to my brother and he was complaining how the state of California had attached his wages and […]

christmas gift card giveaway winner!

Congrats to Sarah Clingan Nitzsche, the most recent winner in our gift card giveaway. Sarah thanked Support Collectors for helping to make the holidays a little merrier. When you’re not receiving child support, the holidays can be even more stressful than other times of the year. We try to spread some cheer by giving away […]

Another Mom Gets A Long Over-Due Child Support Check

We just received another child support collection “success story” letter from a new client “Deborah H.” who came to us after all other sources failed including her government child support enforcement office. Thanks Deborah for taking the time to write the letter and we’re glad we were able to help you collect your child support! […]

Lump Sum Of $86,000 In Child Support Collected This Month!

Success comes in all sizes… a first payment on a child support case that has not had a payment in years, a full settlement on a case or even just finding the NCP. We just had the privilege of helping a client receive a settlement in full from the estate of a deceased NCP. Liens […]

Single Mom Finds A Solution And Collects Child Support

Support Collectors adds another success story for a well deserved mom owed child support After being unemployed for 6 months, Lana C’s savings had been “completely drained” from supporting her two sons through high school. The California mom was “destitute” when she finally decided to take action to collect her unpaid child support. Lana was […]

Private Child Support Enforcement Agency Launches New Site

Private Child Support Enforcement Agency Launches New Website
Support Collectors, Inc., a leading child support collection agency also announces dynamic on-line application