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A custodial FATHER’s child support collection success story…

Happy Father’s Day! We know we’re a little late since Father’s Day was Sunday, June 20 but who doesn’t like to party and keep the celebration going when it comes to being with family! Every week we get calls from father’s that tell us their story on how they have raised, or are raising, their […]

How much does a private enforcement charge?

Another question we get all the time is how much do we charge… that’s a great question. Unlike government agencies that are funded by us taxpayers, we don’t get any funding from the government. Therefore, private enforcement agencies much charge a fee to it’s clients for its services. Most private enforcement agencies charge a “contingency […]

Why should I hire a private enforcement agency?

We get this question a lot so thought we would share it with our blog readers… QUESTION: Why would I hire a private enforcement agency like Support Collectors over using the “free” public child support enforcement offices? ANSWER: While it’s difficult to compare the work of the government child support enforcement agencies to the success […]

Another success story… client’s child support finally paid in full!

Here’s the email we just received… From: Isabella H. [] Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2014 9:17 AM To: Subject: Re: Your account with SCI! Thank you Support Collectors!! You were able to obtain all of the money from this deadbeat dad without much work on my part at all. I really don’t know how […]

Success story… $55,000 in back child support collected in one lump sum

Just in time for the holidays, Support Collectors secured yet another large lump sum payment… $55,000 to be exact… for a very happy client. Here’s an excerpt of the letter we received: “I would like to sincerely thank the people at Support Collectors for all their help over the years, especially Toni Olson and Jim […]

Ask the experts… can we collect a lump sum in child support?

Question: I am writing to inquire about child support collection. I am owed over $37,000. Is it possible for you to offer the deadbeat a lump sum settlement so I can collect my child support in a lump sum payment of what is currently owed and then close the case? I have been fighting with […]

how do I avoid contempt for Failure to Pay Child Support?

“I owe thousands in child support! I don’t want to go to jail! What can I do?” These words have been said millions of times by thousands of non-custodial parent who owe child support. What is a non-custodial parent to do? – Pay something! The best strategy is to make some sort of payment, even […]

Ask the experts… hire an attorney or hire Support Collectors?

Hi, My ex and I divorced in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 2003. Our divorce papers stated a certain amount for him to pay monthly for child support but he never has. He has sent a payment here and another there but no more than one years worth. It’s time to do something. He now resides in […]

enforcing child support across state borders

Here’s a recent question sent to our client care team… My daughter has a New Jersey court order for alimony and child support effective May 2013 which has been paid sporadically. Earlier this year, her “ex” left New Jersey and we are pretty sure is now in California, probably in the LA area, employment is […]

Another one from the mailbag…

QUESTION: Greetings, I’m not sure you can help me, but I am curious about CA law in this matter. My parents divorced in 1971 and my biological father was ordered to pay child support. He made two payments and then moved to another state. We have had no contact with him since. Can I still […]