Summertime – no child support $$…

It’s summertime!…. and the kids are home from school. There are more demands on your already tight budget: extra treats, trips to Target with the kids, an occasional movie or ice cream just to name a few. Telling your kids that you don’t have enough money for simple things can be heart breaking. Time after time, you must tell them no; we don’t have the money or that we need to save for special purchases even if it’s only a few dollars. Looking at the sad look on their faces makes you feel guilty that you are not able to provide more. If you are the custodial parent, it is not your responsibility to be the sole provider for the child; the other parent needs to be held accountable. As a custodial parent, you make so many sacrifices working long hours, missing out on your child’s events and juggling money around trying to make ends meet.

Going through the child support division with your state government can be very frustrating. They have limited funds and they are severely under-staffed, so your case is often just a number in a sea of other cases. They can also be very discouraging at times when it seems that they just don’t care about the struggle your family is enduring because of a parent that refuses to pay child support. In many cases, the custodial parent gives up, thinking there is nothing that can be done. Regardless of the individual experiences you have had with the state government, don’t give up, there are other alternatives!

Many parents like you turn to private child support enforcement agencies, especially Support Collectors! Our focus is simple, getting you and your family the monies that are owed to you. We want to hold the irresponsible parent accountable for the support of their child. Your kids deserve better! They deserve to have support from two parents. One parent should not be the only one making the sacrifices. You may have lost hope because of your experiences with the state agencies, but you don’t have to give up. Our child support collection agency has been highly successful in collecting millions of dollars for thousands of families. You deserve to get help. Don’t continue letting the non-custodial parent get away with ignoring their responsibilities. Call our agency today and get what is rightfully yours.

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