My Ex works for cash …. can I still collect?

In the course of an average week here at Support Collectors, the Client Service Department hears this from our prospective clients, child support or alimony, many times through the course of the work week. The answer is why not try! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain… potential support payments! The case will not be an easy one but with the right tools and your help, we can possibly find the info we need to collect. How do you get started? Complete the application as best you can with social security number, phone numbers and addresses. Provide us with the information you know about the absent parent or spouse and let us do the rest! You will be surprised at what info we can find using these vital pieces of information. What makes us different form the county office of child support enforcement is that our team of investigators will use this info and try to work with the non-custodial parent or ex- spouse to get a pay plan in place. Without an employer to garnish, you and our investigators make a strong team to work with the non-custodial parent. Every effort will be made to try and keep the payment plan in place and support coming in. Don’t give up… we’ll continue to work toward a common goal… child support.

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