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Archive for July, 2017

Guest post – Questions Every Parent Should Ask When Choosing A Childcare Center

A childcare center isn’t just a place to keep your kids safe while you’re at work – the right one can boost their growth! Research found that there are positive links between quality of childcare and children’s cognitive development. To help you find the best childcare center for your children, make sure you ask the […]

Death of a parent and how child support is affected

There are many things in our lives we have no control over. For all of us, two things we cannot control are death and taxes. Questions about child support will get even more complicated when a parent dies. Do child support payments continue even after a parent’s death? Who is responsible? While child custody laws […]

Celebrating Single Dads

Let’s be honest with each other. Most people will imagine a mother with her children when asked to think of a single parent. While it’s true that the majority of single parent homes are headed by women, the number of families run by single dads is on the rise according to the latest Pew Research […]