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Archive for February, 2016

can you help me collect alimony?

QUESTION: I have contacted you before and never proceeded with action. I have been divorced since 2008, with rewarded permanent alimony of $750 a month. I have tried and have been in court with my ex several times for contempt of court. The alimony is to come out of his pay check, but never happens […]

from the mailbag… my mom never received any child support… can she now collect?

QUESTION: Hello! I had a question. My mother raised four children without ever receiving any child support for any of us. Is there something we can do to get back pay? OUR ANSWER: Hi Monica, Thank you for the email and question on the potential of collecting child support arrears. In order to determine what […]

Question from the mailbag….

QUESTION POSED… Hello, my name is Shaina I’m a single mother raising 3 kids myself ages 9,10,11. Have a court ordered support though he paid a few times in the last year. I have a full time job though with my bills, clothing, everyday needs I’m not making ends meet. No longer receiving food stamps, […]

The Facts: 10 Things to Know About Child Support

It’s important to understand the facts about child support. Child support is money paid to cover some or all of a child’s basic needs, such as food, clothing, housing, education and childcare. Some child support orders may also provide for health insurance and medical coverage, as well as things like academic tutoring, lessons, camp, vacations […]