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I was awarded 50.00 a week in 1980 for our 3 year old. He paid approximately 2000.00 in the course of time that the child turned 18. He made it impossible to collect by working under the table and not paying income tax ever. He also moved from state to state which was also impossible to track.

My parents and I spent thousands of dollars over the years to clothe, feed and educate my son. It was not an easy time.

I found out last year that his mother died and has left a small estate of approximately 40,000.

My question is, can I recoup the money that he never paid?

Pam Jackson

Our Answer…

Hi Pam,

The possibility to collect is always there, it will really depend on what we can find to work with. According to your email, the NCP’s moving is the big issue. If we can maintain some sort of communication with him or find employment that we can garnish, we are on our way to possibly collecting.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing us to work your case. Please give it some thought and give me a call to discuss the case personally with you. There are additional details I would need to determine what can be done to help so let’s chat!

Thanks for the email and question!

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