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Archive for August, 2015

from the mailbag… can we help collect nonreimbursed insurance expenses?

Question: Hi my ex-husband was ordered by a superior court judge during our divorce to pay me child support. The judge gave me custody of our son at that time. He gave him visitation rights and I make sure he was ready when he came to pick him up and I was waiting outside when […]

from the mailbag… can a mom collect child support after terminating parental rights?

Question… I’m writing because I have some questions about a significant amount of unpaid child support. Shortly after my daughter was born, a child support order was put in place. Her father only paid on a few occasions with many years of no support in between. A wage assignment was ordered. I never aggressively pursued […]

Can we collect child support from someone hiding

QUESTION… Hello, My name is Mindy. My dad stopped paying child support when I was still young and my mom has been trying to help me figure out how I can get the money my sister and I are owed. Unfortunately we are both over 18 now. New Mexico has been trying to help us […]

Back to school… time to collect your child support!

Back to School! It’s that time of year again…. the days are getting a little shorter, the kids are getting antsy, and the school bus drivers are seen practicing their routes. Whether your child is headed off to their first day of kindergarten or starting their last year of college, this is an exciting (and […]