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Archive for February, 2015

Playing on your emotions and sympathy… Stay strong and don’t give in!

In an effort to get the child support families deserve, some custodial parents will try and make a deal with the person who owes support. The absent parent has a way of tugging at some of the old feelings we may still have, after all, we did care for them at one point and for […]

Question on how we are paid and how long we are involved in the child support process…

CHILD SUPPORT QUESTION: Hello, I have some questions about your child support collection process. I am currently owed $15k+ in support arrears and haven’t received a child support payment in over a year and a half. Does your company collect on just the arrearage or also the monthly payments? Also, do you keep collecting after […]

another child support question… answered…

QUESTION: Good morning! I was just wondering if I could get some information on your group and how you can help collect my child support? I am in WI- my ex is in AZ, right now, he is over 26k in arrears and over 11k in interest. He has not even been paying 1/2 his […]

How much does a private enforcement charge?

Another question we get all the time is how much do we charge… that’s a great question. Unlike government agencies that are funded by us taxpayers, we don’t get any funding from the government. Therefore, private enforcement agencies much charge a fee to it’s clients for its services. Most private enforcement agencies charge a “contingency […]