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Archive for November, 2014

Can you collect support arrearages if I’m getting current child support?

QUESTION: Good afternoon my name is Samantha and I reside in Michigan. I have a child support case ordered and I’m only receiving very small payments from the father such as 52.00 a month. To my knowledge my daughter’s father works part-time but hasn’t filled taxes in more than 3 or 4 years. My arrears […]

Can we enforce child support court order even if custodial parent lives in South America?

QUESTION: Hello, I currently have a divorce court order granting $300/month (out of Harris County, Texas) – yes, I’ve been very kind to the dad. The kids and I have permission in this order to live in Columbia, where we are living now. The dad is currently 45 months behind in child support (after I […]

Success story… $55,000 in back child support collected in one lump sum

Just in time for the holidays, Support Collectors secured yet another large lump sum payment… $55,000 to be exact… for a very happy client. Here’s an excerpt of the letter we received: “I would like to sincerely thank the people at Support Collectors for all their help over the years, especially Toni Olson and Jim […]

When do I get my child support after you’ve collected it?

QUESTION: Hi Support Collectors, I have a couple of questions. I was reading the contract and it said that you will send me payment with in 15 days of receiving money and then it says that you may hold payments to me depending on the size of the payments you receive and it could take […]

From the mailbag… college coming up… need child support to help pay for it…

QUESTION: Good afternoon, My daughter reaches 18 in December….wow, I can’t believe this time has come. To keep the peace in her life I have not enforced the court ordered child support that was created in 1998 for her. He used to pay, on time, every week…until 2008. My court order is out of Oregon. […]

Question on going back to collect child support prior to order establishment

QUESTION… I just came across your site but wish I had come across it so much sooner. My son will be 14 in a week and I have never received any child support from my son’s biological father. I reside in Wisconsin (originally from IL) and he resides in Illinois. I had started my case […]

Child Support and the Unwed Parents…

In many states, the biological fathers of children born to unmarried parents have few or no rights unless they take legal steps to ask for them. The law usually assumes that a man is a child’s father only if he was married to the mother when the child was born. Otherwise, he must prove that […]