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Archive for October, 2014

Ask the experts… can we collect a lump sum in child support?

Question: I am writing to inquire about child support collection. I am owed over $37,000. Is it possible for you to offer the deadbeat a lump sum settlement so I can collect my child support in a lump sum payment of what is currently owed and then close the case? I have been fighting with […]

Ask the experts… can I collect child support without any order?

QUESTION: Hi… great website on child support inforamtion. On your site, it states that paternity must be determined before age 19. My mother never wanted child support due to my biological father not having anything to do with me. I am 30 years old and have never recieved a dime from bioligical father. I know […]

Ask the experts… can you help me if the absent parent puts everything else in the new wife’s name?

QUESTION: hi, I’m a single parent and I’ve been struggling to get child support for a long time. I’m wondering if my ex-husband has put everything in his new wife’s name, how can you still collect child support from him? Thanks for any help you can give me regarding my child support collection issue. Pam […]

Ask the experts “can you still help collect child support if my kids are now adults”

QUESTION: hi, I wondering if you can still help me if my “kids” are now adults. I never received child support Thanks for your help. Pam in New York Hi Pam, Thanks for the question. You absolutely can pursue your child support. In order to be able to collect, there needs to be an existing […]

Ask the experts – Can weu assist in collecting from the parent/father if he is getting paid under the table?

QUESTION: Hello… I’m wondering if you can assist in collecting from the parent/father if he is getting paid under the table? I really need the money and the deadbeat father is doing well but getting paid under the table by his boss. Thanks! Andrea ANSWER: Hi Andrew Thank you for the email! Parents that work […]

How does Support Collectors?

QUESTION: I started this process in April but was talked out of it by someone. I’m a little confused as to how I pay you. I have no money. My ex owes me almost $11,000.00 but I can’t find his place of employment. State of FL child support enforcement tells me I have to move […]

Child Support and the unwed Parents…

In many states, the biological fathers of children born to unmarried parents have few or no rights unless they take legal steps to ask for them. The law usually assumes that a man is a child’s father only if he was married to the mother when the child was born. Otherwise, he must prove that […]