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Archive for April, 2014

Question from a custodial dad… “do I have to close my state CSE case before hiring your private child support collection agency”?

Single dad’s question… hi… I live in the State of Missouri and the government child support enforcement agency here is attempting to collect from my ex-wife, a deadbeat mom. Would I need to give up that option in order to hire your services? (i.e. close my state in order for me to utilize your services? […]

Can we help collect child support if you don’t have a court order yet…

I need help… I tried to go through government to get child support and they are not doing nothing… its been 2003 when i got the DNA papers saying he is the father…and they say they are working on it my daughter is turning 13 and not seen a penny…i don’t qualify for help i […]

Ask the experts… Does someone who pays child support have to pay for college?

Question… I have been told different things and have been reading many different things about child support after 18, My daughter will be going to a 4 year college. Will she still receive child support from her father? We live in Iowa. Any information will be a help. Thanks! Becky Our answer: Hi Becky, Thanks […]

Ask the experts… can you discharge child support in bankruptcy?

Question: My ex-husband has filed bankruptcy to get out of paying his back support. The courts did not allow it but put him on a repayment plan. He is not keeping up with payments to the bankruptcy courts but they are giving him another chance. Can I still go after him or are my hands […]

how to fund college College Funding for Children of Divorce

Child support and who should pay for college expenses is an age old question. In a recent study that look at parent assistance for college expenses, 29% of divorced parents assisted with college costs verses 89% of intact families. Something else to consider when looking at this information is that individuals with college educations earn […]

Ask the experts… how do I collect child support without any court documents?

Question from a custodial parent: I am wanting to file back child support on my father for my mother however I don’t have any of the court information. Will I still be able to file. Thank you Shannon Our Answer: Hi Shannon, Thank you for the email and questions. It is actually your Mom that […]

“can I child collect child support even if my mom is deceased?”

Question from a child owed child support… To Whom It May Concern, My name is Susan… I have my mother’s court records stating that my father was to pay child support for my sister and myself. My mother worked really hard all of her life to try to support us. My father was in the […]