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Archive for March, 2014

a question on collecting from a deadbeat mom…

Afternoon – I’ve been reading on your site – and your services sound wonderful. However, I had a couple additional questions, that I did not see in the FAQ’s. We are currently owed more than $9400 in back child support – and we (and the local Child Support Enforcement Office) are unable to locate the […]

Question on if you can collect from a deadbeat parent that doesn’t work or own anything…

QUESTION from a custodial parent: Hi, I live in Texas and have been told by my lawyer that because the NCP doesn’t work or own any property, there’s nothing that can be done to get the arrearage and current child support that he owes for our child. Are there ANY options for collecting payments in […]

Question on whether we can assist when all other child support agencies have failed…

Question: I want to know what you can do that 3 different child support agencies couldn’t do. My ex has already lost his license, he owns no property, and he works for cash so that the state can’t find his money. So please tell me what you can do to help me. Our answer… Hi! […]

question… can you collect child support from someone who works for cash…

This is a question we get a lot… our answer… maybe yes and maybe no. It all depends. Private agencies such as us look for income and assets to try to attach to. Since you already know with some certainty that the NCP works for cash, our option would be to try and locate him […]

a client is finally ready to get started collecting her unpaid child support

a client contacted me that started the process several years ago but then never followed through. Now, she is annoyed that the “ex” is living well while her and her children suffer… she asked if she could still have us assist and if so, how does she get started again with the process… she said […]

Question on how to collect international child support

QUESTION: Hello my Name is Stacy… Me and my 2 Kids live in Germany and the father of my Children lives in Miami, IL. Since 2010 we are divorced and i have Sole custody for my Kids. I would like to know if there is any Chance for me to get him to pay Child […]