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Archive for February, 2014

Question on attaching to a large estate (inheritance) for child support

QUESTION: I am hoping that someone can help answer my questions regarding back child support. My ex husband owes a great deal of back child support to me. At this time, the amount listed on the Georgia Child Support webpage is showing he still owes $31,101.24. While wage garnishments have been taking place since November […]

enforcing child support across state borders

Here’s a recent question sent to our client care team… My daughter has a New Jersey court order for alimony and child support effective May 2013 which has been paid sporadically. Earlier this year, her “ex” left New Jersey and we are pretty sure is now in California, probably in the LA area, employment is […]

child support question… can I collect child support from someone working off the books

here’s the question of the day… Good morning, I am interested in hiring your company to help me collect my past due child support. I live in Florida and the issue that I’m having is that the NCP (non custodial parent) has been working off the books for the last 2 years, so of course […]

$45,000 child support lump sum collected for a California mother

February 18, 2014 Congrats to Ranee a client who just received $45,000 in back child support! Here in her own words is her story… glad we could help you collect your support! xxx Last spring I was talking to my brother and he was complaining how the state of California had attached his wages and […]

Question on one parent getting child support credit when son stays with them…

Every day we get questions from people who find us online and have child support questions. We’ll continue to share them with our visitors and clients… Hi… My name is Tom and my ex-wife and I were divorced in 2008. Our child lived with her while I paid child support. In the summer of 2011 […]

Another one from the mailbag…

QUESTION: Greetings, I’m not sure you can help me, but I am curious about CA law in this matter. My parents divorced in 1971 and my biological father was ordered to pay child support. He made two payments and then moved to another state. We have had no contact with him since. Can I still […]