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Archive for December, 2013

Get The Child Support Collection Help You Have Been Looking For

The subject of child support collection has been an aggravation for many parents for many years. Custodial parents from all across the nation have faced seemingly impossible situations for getting the child support payments they deserve and need. According to a U.S. Census report, approximately 25% of custodial parents did not receive support child parents […]

christmas gift card giveaway winner!

Congrats to Sarah Clingan Nitzsche, the most recent winner in our gift card giveaway. Sarah thanked Support Collectors for helping to make the holidays a little merrier. When you’re not receiving child support, the holidays can be even more stressful than other times of the year. We try to spread some cheer by giving away […]

Sole Physical Custody

In many cases, one parent having sole custody of the children involved in a custody dispute is in the best interest of the child. Many of our clients ask for tips on how to should the courts that they deserve sole custody and that it is needed. Do you deserve sole custody? In many cases […]

Don’t Give Up On Child Support Collection

Many single parents are constantly faced with a lot of financial burden in bringing up their children. Although most of these parents have the right to receive child support from the child’s other parent, at times, that parent may fail to pay up in time or dismiss the child support altogether. In a recent article […]

per LA Times – billions of dollars in child support go unpaid every year

An interesting article by the LA times,0,2316658.story#axzz2mHc66nRK yet again put the issue of unpaid child support into the spotlight. The article shows that in just last year alone, $14 billion (billion with a B!) went unpaid to american parents. It stated that this amounted to one out of every three dollars that were ordered […]