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Archive for October, 2013

Do grandparents Have Rights in a Child Support Case?

We get calls all the time from grandparent that have custody of a child or want visitation of their grandchildren. We offer the following as a guideline to help answer questions regarding grandparent rights: -grandparents have the right to see their grand children. If the custodial parent does not allow for visitation, the grandparent may […]

Child Support Enforcement Agencies Are Here For You

There is no greater feeling of hopelessness for a single parent than to watch your child go hungry or without the essentials, like clothes and school supplies. It is incredibly frustrating to know there is child support that is legally owed to you and your children, which could make all the difference in the world. […]

The Custodial Parent – Dad!

Child support in the United States use to be granted to the mother, thinking she would be the better parent. In many cases this is not the case. Men are increasingly getting custody of their children. It is not only the well to do father that gets custody, a father living at the poverty level […]