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Archive for August, 2013

Things Parents Take For Granted Until You’re A Single Parent

No matter if you have been a single parent for years or are new to this life style, there are somethings have you have probably started to let slide. The key is to survive and embrace the family… quirks and all. Below are some highlights shared by our clients: Family Dinners: Means making sure everyone […]

Get Help Providing For Your Family

Providing for your family as a single parent can be really challenging. There is no one to lean on for daily support and no help with childcare or daily tasks. It becomes even harder when the other parent is not paying child support on a regular basis or worse of all, has refused to pay […]

Another Mom Gets A Long Over-Due Child Support Check

We just received another child support collection “success story” letter from a new client “Deborah H.” who came to us after all other sources failed including her government child support enforcement office. Thanks Deborah for taking the time to write the letter and we’re glad we were able to help you collect your child support! […]