Case Study: We Catch Up With Job Hopping Deadbeat Dad

When Erin C. came to Support Collectors, her ex-husband was living out of state and not paying court-ordered child support payments. He had job hopped in an attempt to avoid paying child support. Erin had already contacted her local child support agency and had hired a lawyer to no avail. She still received no child support payments.

Once Erin contacted Support Collectors, she learned that her husband was currently working as a truck driver. Through a wage attachment that was secured with the help of Support Collectors’ lawyers, Erin now receives $800-per-month payments to help with the costs of raising her children.

“Support Collectors was very understanding of my situation and made me feel that they truly cared about my individual case,” Erin said. “The enforcement agents that I worked with were very efficient, always returned emails or phone calls right away, and listen to my concerns as they arose.”

If you need help collecting child support payments, contact Support Collectors today. Our child support enforcement agency can help you get your unpaid child support.

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