Case Study: Mary Y. Got A Lump Sum After 15 Years

Mary Y. contacted Support Collectors after her husband had evaded paying child support for 15 years. Despite a court order requiring him to pay, Mary’s husband quit his job to avoid wage garnishment. Because she was working at the time, Mary was not able to get state assistance for her daughter. The $7 per hour she was making didn’t afford her the option of hiring a lawyer.

Finally, Mary contacted Support Collectors after searching the Internet for help in getting her owed child support. “I was able to get help because your firm was willing to take me on as a client without upfront payment,” Mary said, speaking of Support Collectors’ policy of not requiring client payment unless it is able to collect from debtors.

Support Collectors gathered Mary’s and her husband’s personal information – including the court order for payment and the delinquent payment history – before its team of investigators began their location efforts. Accounting specialists arrived at an accurate past-due child support total.

When Mary’s husband was contacted, he indicated that he had no intention of paying the child support. Support Collectors hired a lawyer, who started contempt of court and garnishment proceedings to attach to her husband’s current employer.

During the course of legal proceedings, Mary’s husband offered a lump sum settlement that Mary approved. She received a child support check shortly thereafter.

“I was not expecting a lump sum. I expected a monthly figure that would take years and end up the same way my original case did, with a garnishment that was only good as long as my ex-husband stayed with his company.”

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