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Why is child support not paid? No buy-in…

Why is support not paid? I believe it’s because the paying parent doesn’t see the value in it and why it’s needed. The paying parent looks at it as having to work extra hard to pay for something they don’t agree with or was told by a judge they must do. There is no consideration […]

Challenge Accepted – “get my child support”

One of the biggest challenges facing a parent owed support is the feeling of fighting this battle alone. Well let me just say you are not alone. One of the first things we try to help our clients understand is that collecting child support or alimony is a team effort; each of us has an […]

Being a Single Parent

One of the major challenges of being a parent is simply finding someone to look after your children when you can’t. Chances are, you’re going to be juggling parenthood with at least one, possibly two jobs. If you’re not making a lot of money, simply paying someone to look after the kids can be a […]

Questions and answers on private enforcement agencies

Question and Answer on Private Agencies

How a Child Support Modification Works

Even when both ex-spouses agree the child support needs to be modified, the process needs to be done formally through the court system so the courts have an official record of the changes. This prevents any disputes from arising later on, ensuring the proper documents are kept to show exactly why the changes were made […]

When does child support end?

A very common question we hear dozens of times a week deals with age of majority and statute of limitations. Not knowing when child support ends can catch you off guard, especially if you are the parent who is receiving the child support. In most states, child support ends when the child reaches age 18. […]

QUESTION: To whom it may concern, I am a custodial parent of daughter born to a US citizen. We have the child support court order established since 2007 (court based in Florida as my ex then lived there)and had been receiving regular payments from 2009 till 2014. About 2 years ago my ex moved to […]

how do go about collecting spousal maintenance…

QUESTION: I don’t have child support to collect. I have spousal maintenance (alimony) can you help me? Thanks! Sandy ANSWER: Good morning Sandy, Thank you for the email and question on alimony enforcement. We do assist with alimony cases in addition to our work in child support enforcement. Not many private agencies attempt alimony enforcement […]

child support related question… Who pays for college?

We hear it all the time- you need a college degree to get a good job. The media has gone a great job to make everyone feel that without a 2 year or 4 year degree, your earning potential is limited. Now, how does a single parent or high school senior finance college! With the […]

From the mailbag… can you still get child support if you’re in your 20′s ?

Question from a custodial parent: Hi, My name is Geri, I’m a young professional and since a really young age my mother provided for me and my older siblings. My father never provided any support for his children, and my mother as an immigrant never demanded child support. I am now 26 years old the […]