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Visitation Tips for Mother’s Day

How many of you remember Joan Lunden’s show on Lifetime… Mother’s Day? OK, yes, I am dating myself… Her sign-off was “every day is mother’s day” … sadly that is not true for many moms. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, moms who don’t always have their kids at home might be wondering about […]

The Fastest Way to Find Your NCP

Unless you’re Sandra Bullock or Black Chyna — two single mothers worth millions of dollars — raising a family on your own is difficult. The time, cost, and responsibilities involved are overwhelming for even the most adjusted individual. It’s even worse when the custodial parent is financially dependant on the non-custodial parent. When they disappear […]

Don’t Turn Your Back On Back Child Support

Divorce is never easy. Out of the Life’s 4Ds — short not the fourth dimensional space but dislocation, death, downsizing, divorce — divorce is one of the hardest with which to cope. The challenge of it becomes even harder when children involved. Multiply that by ten when the non-custodial parent refuses to contribute their fair […]

Understanding Spousal Support

At Support Collectors, the majority of our cases deal with child support. Over the last year, we have encountered more cases dealing with potential clients coming to us looking for help with spousal support cases. We are proud to say that we are one of the few private agencies that do try and support alimony […]

My Ex works for cash …. can I still collect?

In the course of an average week here at Support Collectors, the Client Service Department hears this from our prospective clients, child support or alimony, many times through the course of the work week. The answer is why not try! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain… potential support payments! The case will […]


CROSSING STATE LINES TO PROVIDE CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES In many cases it is necessary to utilize the assistance of another state’s child support agency to successfully establish, enforce or modify an existing child support order. This process is known as an interstate action. The guideline used to work these interstate case is referred to as […]

Can I collect child support from VA Benefits?

With more and more soldiers returning to the workforce and many being awarded a VA rating for injuries during their time of service, the question has come up many times to our office about the possibility of getting child support from VA benefits or from the GI Bill if the soldier is going back to […]

Guest post – Questions Every Parent Should Ask When Choosing A Childcare Center

A childcare center isn’t just a place to keep your kids safe while you’re at work – the right one can boost their growth! Research found that there are positive links between quality of childcare and children’s cognitive development. To help you find the best childcare center for your children, make sure you ask the […]

Death of a parent and how child support is affected

There are many things in our lives we have no control over. For all of us, two things we cannot control are death and taxes. Questions about child support will get even more complicated when a parent dies. Do child support payments continue even after a parent’s death? Who is responsible? While child custody laws […]

Celebrating Single Dads

Let’s be honest with each other. Most people will imagine a mother with her children when asked to think of a single parent. While it’s true that the majority of single parent homes are headed by women, the number of families run by single dads is on the rise according to the latest Pew Research […]